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Activate Learning supports major safeguarding campaign

Activate Learning has supported a major police campaign to protect young people from the risks of travelling to Syria.
As the national safeguarding campaign was launched at New Scotland Yard yesterday (25 April), Thames Valley Police co-ordinated the regional launch at Banbury and Bicester College.
The event brought together police, prevention officers, community leaders and staff and students from the college to begin a discussion about how best to protect and educate young people.
The panel-style discussion, attended by regional media, recognised that whilst some youngsters from the UK want to travel to fight in the conflict many others want to offer aid and support to the Syrian people.
One of the key messages to emerge was the importance of letting people who genuinely want to help the cause know how they can do so safely and legally.
Rose Turner, principal of Banbury and Bicester College, said: “What has become clear from today’s event is that many of our young people are concerned about the ongoing conflict in Syria and would like to know how they can support the humanitarian effort. We will be working to raise awareness of the issues and help students to support the aid effort in the most constructive way.”
The advice from police is to donate to registered charities which have experience of providing humanitarian assistance in high risk, insecure and dangerous environments and which have ongoing relief operations in Syria and/or neighbouring countries, such as the DEC or its member charities.