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Hair students treated to a series of masterclass sessions

Hairdressing students at the Reading campus are currently benefitting from a series of masterclass training sessions from industry salon experts.

The first session in the series has already taken place, with Reading based salon stylist Zach providing expert knowledge and skills to Level 2 Technical Certificate in Colouring Services and Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Hairdressing students at the Kings Road campus.

Tanya Lyford, Hairdressing teacher at Reading College, said: “Zach worked with Level 3 students last academic year, demonstrating colour and colour corrective work.  But, we are really pleased that he has returned this year to give four different sessions of training to a larger group, including colouring demonstrations and a talk based on the industry.

“The first masterclass aimed to inspire the students on the type of colour work they could achieve in the salon, by discussing various techniques, colour house products, use of chemicals and where to access information outside the classroom to advance skills gained at college.

“Time was given for a question and answer session not just on what was being carried out, but also any general questions with regards to the industry.

“Zach embedded the need for English and Maths with regards to learning, making direct references to its importance for chemical work and the cutting of hair for maths and the need for professional communication skills for client consultation.

“Zach also shared his experience of training to become a stylist and the need to tackle all technical skills even if they seem initially intimidating, as this will help students when working in a commercial salon and become a successful stylist after college.

“The session was concluded with the need for professional standards when going to a salon looking for work experience opportunities and what would make an employer want to invest in a learner from college.”

Zach was supported by Charlotte, a junior member of his staff and he will return for his next visit in October.