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ICT students at City of Oxford College get straight to work with employers

The first of many employer events at City of Oxford College this term involved over 30 Technology Faculty students.

Andrew Elder the owner of BongoIT, an IT services company, and Danny Crane-Brewer Account Manager at Hunts, an award winning marketing services provider gave up their time to introduce themselves and their businesses to the students. Both Andrew and Danny were keen to give the students industry insights into what employers seek for in new recruits and that they are looking for more than just technical skills. Communication, flexibility and creative thinking were highlighted as being key attributes which helped the students to see the need for work on personal development alongside their core curriculum and modules.

Andrew offered to work with the students on a project to create a Joomla Module which will be added to the online Joomla store, a fantastic opportunity to work with an employer and gain valuable work experience. Danny has also offered the students some work experience and 2/3 of the students queued up to sign up.

Dion Van Overdijk, Technology Faculty Manager, said: “It is wonderful to work with employers who are so keen to help our students to develop into employable individuals that carry themselves with confidence and make worthwhile additions to any business where technology lies at the heart of the operation. Our students were asking excellent probing questions and Danny and Andrew obliged with insightful and in-depth answers. It is fantastic that both companies are planning to continue working with us and offer our students work experience and employer-led projects.”